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The palm oil industry explained through the eyes of a graphic designer

van Bakel, Céline
International Master of Arts in Visual Arts

Abstract :
Today there are many different industries damaging the environment. #SAYNOTOPALMOIL is a project about the risks surrounding the destructive nature of the palm oil industry, communicated through a graphic designer’s point of view. Throughout this design led project the readers will be confronted with the products that some of us use daily and are contributing to this harmful industry. This will be explained to the consumers of palm oil readers through three mediums; a series of posters, a book, and followed up by a website. By utilizing these platforms the destructive nature of certain products can be featured alongside the very products that can replace them (giving the reader a possible solution), and a place for what one can do to save the Orangutans.

In highlighting the harmful products, they are categorized into four categories; starting with the products that contain palm oil but are not directly damaging for the fauna and flora, to the extremely destructive products to entire ecosystems. Each of the categories has a page color, starting with light grey, turning to a medium grey, dark grey, and ending in black. This color code has been used throughout the three platforms allowing for a consistent message and system for the reader to follow.

Currently the vast majority of products in current use contain some percentage of palm oil. If we do not stop buying these harmful products, the market will not change, leading to the further and continued destruction of fauna and flora, the natural habitat of the Orangutan. #SAYNOTOPALMOIL

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