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Storytelling. A tool to motivate and differentiate

Schreppers, Chloë
Professionele bachelor in het onderwijs: secundair onderwijs

Abstract :
‘Storytelling: a tool to motivate and differentiate’ is a thesis that focuses on work materials to differentiate with in storytelling lessons. It includes a list of suitable warm-up activities per level of proficiency and three different types of two-hour lessons. The teachers manual provides each of the activities with the necessary information. It not only includes the objective and content of the activity, but also tells you how to proceed. Some of the work materials such as the storytelling lessons include worksheets.

The main objective of this thesis is to give teachers the opportunity to use storytelling in a classroom with a variety of levels of proficiency, but also have the pupils develop their language skills in a different manner.

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Schreppers, C. (2015). Storytelling. A tool to motivate and differentiate. Unpublished thesis, Hogeschool PXL, PXL-Education.
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