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Implementation of life cycle assessment and sustainability in an industrial company

Stanecka, Joanna
Professionele bachelor in de agro- en biotechnologie

Abstract :
Implementation of Life Cycle Assessment and sustainability in an industrial company

Joanna Stanecka

Ing. Ilona Stouten PXL University College
Ing. Patrick Pilat PXL University College

This paper explores the application of Life Cycle Assessment in order to find the most suitable way to analyze the sustainability of products. It includes an example of usage of Solid Works’ sustainability tool to assess the influence of selected elements of a stethoscope on environment and natural resources. In addition, it compares the outcomes of the ecological impacts of supporting table and tool holder which are the components of ‘Robot production cell’ obtained from two following sources: Solid Works software and online database named Ecolizer. Finally, it indicates that Solid Works is a useful tool to conduct Life Cycle Assessment of a simple system however in order to acquire complete and credible information it needs to be supported by external sources.

Full text:
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Stanecka, J. (2015). Implementation of life cycle assessment and sustainability in an industrial company. Unpublished thesis, Hogeschool PXL, PXL-Tech.
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