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dc.title : Discovering Down Under
dc.creator : Barzan, Karel
dc.subject :
dc.description.abstract : Australia and New Zealand, two countries on the other side of the earth, but apparently also too far away for us to learn about in school. Because these two countries ‘down under’ have a rich history and a great tradition, both indigenous and colonial, the idea sprouted to shine a light on them, in order to get to know ‘the other side of the planet’ a little better. The thesis I made, concerning these beautiful countries, combines education and fun. By means of a board game, one can explore and discover the treasures and beauty of the region ‘down under’. By implying various search strategies and making use of different categories, the game continues to be a challenge as every aspect of these countries has to be dealt with. The game board also includes lots of information, rendering it possible to look up answers to a lot of the questions. You might not know the answer right away, but nobody can stop you from trying to find it anyway. General knowledge or just plain trivia, puzzles and re-enactments, music, video, strategy and wit: all these skills combined with the right knowledge can be applied as a means to leave the competition behind and end up victorious. This game will keep your pupils inquisitive, while it provides the teacher with a tool to reach both subject-specific as cross-curricular objectives. Most of all, ‘Discovering Down Under’ offers you a fun way of getting to know more about the other side of the world. Fun and informative, what more can you ask for?
dc.publisher : Hogeschool PXL
dc.contributor :
dc.date : 2015
dc.type : Afstudeerproject
dc.format : application/pdf
dc.identifier : http://doks.pxl.be/doks/do/record/Get?dispatch=view&recordId=SEtd8ab2a8214b78acca014c3275490532d3
dc.language : eng
dc.rights : All rights reserved
etd.degree.name : Professionele bachelor in het onderwijs: secundair onderwijs
etd.degree.level : Bachelor
etd.degree.discipline :
etd.degree.grantor : Hogeschool PXL

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