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dc.title : Compassionate Communication. Improving Communication Skills in the Classroom
dc.creator : Klok, Charlotte
dc.subject :
dc.description.abstract : What is a healthy and compassionate way of communicating? The theoretical part of this work will mostly consist of answering the following questions: What is important to talk about? What can help pupils and teachers deal with everyday situations? In other words: How can we give teachers and students in secondary schools the tools they need to work with compassionate communication in and out of the classroom? This is the main question I want to answer. I want to apply this theory to the class context in a way that helps both teachers and pupils create a strong learning environment that enhances both the well-being and involvement of everyone working together in the classroom. The next step will be to implement these tools during English class. I plan on working out guidelines that grant teachers an easy way to implement this way of communicating in their English lessons. How can we implement compassionate communication within the subject-specific objectives of EFL classes? This will hopefully serve as a stepping stone for every teacher that wants to use these materials and implement them in their own course or subject.
dc.publisher : Hogeschool PXL
dc.contributor :
dc.date : 2016
dc.type : Afstudeerproject
dc.format :
dc.identifier : http://doks.pxl.be/doks/do/record/Get?dispatch=view&recordId=SEtd8ab2a82155c540c60155c54814880a57
dc.language : eng
dc.rights : All rights reserved
etd.degree.name : Professionele bachelor in het onderwijs: secundair onderwijs
etd.degree.level : Bachelor
etd.degree.discipline : Engels - Geschiedenis
etd.degree.grantor : Hogeschool PXL

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