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Music in the EFL classroom

Raymaekers, Sven
Professionele bachelor in het onderwijs: secundair onderwijs

Abstract :
My thesis researches the effects of music inside the EFL classroom. I personally am a very passionate musician and I also want to become a teacher. That’s why I have chosen to work around this topic since I want to find a way to combine both my passions into one working whole.
To achieve this goal I have conducted several studies, constructed lesson plans and I have also tested these plans in class. Afterwards, the pupils were asked to evaluate my lessons by answering four questions on an evaluation sheet. This feedback was processed and analysed by me afterwards. This was done in order for me to draw the necessary conclusions about the usefulness and possibilities of music in the EFL classroom.
The research that I conducted, was based on several documents and books by people who have already studied the effects and possibilities of music in the classroom. Their work was a very important cornerstone for my theoretical approach towards my thesis. My practical approach however, came from the book that was written by Mrs Buffi Duberman. This woman is currently at the forefront in the field of music in the classroom and also in the field of many other music related topics. I was also fortunate enough to being able to visit a lecture given by her regarding music in the classroom. This lecture was a huge source inspiration regarding my thesis.
With regards to my practical approach, I really owe a big thanks to the Technisch Heilig Hart-Instituut Tessenderlo and even more specifically to my previous mentor, Mrs Greet Doucé. She allowed me to teach two classes while using music in the classroom in order to test my thesis in the field. This help was extremely important for my thesis and at the same time a great motivational to encourage me to try introducing this new teaching method. In this way, my thesis also gained a great practical aspect and didn’t rely solely on a purely theoretical approach.
After the test lessons, it was very important that my pupils were able to give feedback about my topic and my approach. In order to achieve this, an evaluation sheet was handed out on which the pupils could write down their findings. All feedback can be found in my thesis, but also in attachment.
This entire experience was a very big eye-opener and a nice way to gain a new look on education and the innovation of it. Education is an aspect of our society that constantly demands innovation and adaptation. Introducing new methods is definitely a very appealing aspect that provides us with new perspectives now and in the future. That’s why I am also very pleased for being a part of this group of teachers that really want to put effort in the introduction of new approaches and methods in our educational system.

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