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Enhance the use of the target language in English classes. IT website of activities according to the Flemish curriculum

Himschoot, Laurens
Professionele bachelor in het onderwijs: secundair onderwijs

Abstract :
This dissertation describes the research behind the creation of ‘Teachingmats’, a database full of activating exercises that can be introduced into an EFL lesson. This was done in response to the demand for new educational tools as requested by teachers, student teachers and the current Minister of Education Mrs. Crevits.

The starting point for this research was the fact that most Flemish pupils have a larger basic knowledge of the English language. By implementing activating exercises in EFL lessons these pupils can be stimulated to enhance their English language acquisition.

Teachingmats was created to aid teachers in this process by offering a large variety of activities from various trustworthy sources. This way teachers can save time by consulting Teachingmats instead of searching through different textbooks.
The development, testing and modification of Teachingmats are thoroughly described in the design research.

There is much potential for an educational tool such as Teachingmats. Included in this bachelor thesis are the future prospects and development plans. The dynamic nature of education is taken into account and as such Teachingmats is required to change and evolve.

The database can be reached on http://teachingmats.be/.

Full text:
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