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Grammar elementary: some SMART Board lessons. Interactive grammar lessons

Peetermans, Amanda
Professionele bachelor in het onderwijs: secundair onderwijs

Abstract :
“Ms., I am bored. Can we do something else?” “Ms., we don’t like grammar…” These quotes from pupils might sound familiar to teachers. Motivating pupils and keeping their attention is not always easy. They get bored very quickly and have difficulty understanding the subject matter because their concentration deviates very fast. SMART Board helps them to concentrate and increases pupils’ involvement.
In many schools a digital interactive screen has replaced the good old blackboard. In this bachelor paper, I will briefly discuss the SMART Board itself: what are the advantages and disadvantages? It also includes some useful tips while preparing the SMART Board lessons.

I have made ten grammar lessons, which can be found in the attachment of this bachelor paper. For each lesson there are worksheets, including their key. To make it easier for the readers of this bachelor paper, I have also included a teachers’ guide. In this guide each board page is explained in detail.

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