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The only free cheese is in the mousetrap

Balta, Pavel
Master of Arts in de beeldende kunsten

Abstract :
"In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all life presents as an immense accumulation of spectacle. Everything that was directly lived has moved into a representation"
Guy Debord, "The society of spectacle"

I bring images of images of the society. A compilation of representations and ideas inside a broader picture.
The attempt of realizing this project relates to the attempt of questioning the possibility of interpretation, together with the viewer and in interaction with him, a series of symbols currently circulating in society. It also displays a sample of a possible experience that would or could define the person experiencing it.
The displays of the symbols, in my drawing – the first part of my project, assembled in uncommon contexts, shift their understanding and their possible effect; and the absurd, simulated situation I propose through my performance – the second part of my project, depicts issues that I find to be problematically wrapped in a comforting blanket of irony.
This master project made me examine myself as an artist, myself in interaction with the techniques I used, myself in interaction with the viewer, myself as identity, as a human inside the social and cultural tissue. It made me more conscious and willful of learning about other people’s ways of seeing and understanding the same issues.

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Dit eindwerk werd 993 keer bekeken.
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