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Jong-Hyeok, Kim
Master of Arts in Visual Arts

Abstract :
Based on the authorís experience, typography is considered as the crucial part of the graphic design by many people. However, because of its status, in some cases, typography has been taught only in a specific method within a strict limitation. The author has been always confused with the ideal definition of typography (and also graphic design), and how to comprehend it. Therefore, the main purpose of the authorís project was to defy the existing, conventional concept of typography, and create visual arts or alternative visual forms out of typography instead. In addition to that, the author implied the personal meaning in the project to reflect his identity as a Korean. To fulfil the intention of the project, Korean letters were primarily utilized as one of the representatives of Korean culture and people. However, Korean letters were not used as communication tools or the key materials for typographic studies. These were used as a visual image or systematic parameter. This project is noticeably experimental, and there are occasional overlapped spheres that are normally against each other, especially intuition and system. This is the most appealing part of the project to demonstrate the potential possibility that typography, as well as graphic design, can be out of its confined boundary and blend with the other different fields.

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