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Modern literature integrated in the English classroom

Bongaerts, Silke
Professionale bachelor in het onderwijs: secundair onderwijs

Abstract :
What are the requirements to learn a language? Many answers are given, but would you include reading as a requirement? Probably not your first answer. Novels are a great way to introduce and learn a new language. This certainly applies to pupils from secondary education. Many novels contains language used in everyday conversations and even discuss topics that are crucial in the lives of these teenagers.

For my thesis I did research on the integration of modern literature in the English classroom. Classic literature is already in use, but modern literature isn’t integrated yet. I started this project with a survey under pupils form secondary education. The survey offered questions on the integration of modern literature and reading habits of the pupils. This survey provided me with a lot of answers and is the basis of this thesis.

The first part of this thesis discusses the results of the survey and the conclusion I could make. This was followed by a small part on the importance of movies that originate from novels. The importance of apps is also discussed briefly.

Based on the survey results I made didactical material. This can be found in the second part of my thesis. I chose four novels appropriate for the pupils, based on their knowledge of the language and the topics that these novels provide. The didactical material consists of worksheets for every novel.

Definitely take a look at this thesis if you are interested in the integration of modern literature. Have a good read.

Full text:
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