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Sustainable energy reduction, production and management at PXL-Tech with a photovoltaic installation

Vergara Arrieta, Mikel
Professionele bachelor in de elektromechanica

Abstract :
This research paper is focused on the analysis of an installation of solar panels for the PXL-Tech building.
With this project research PXL-Tech building can obtain more independence from the main electrical grid by generating it’s own electricity in order to feed a part of it’s electrical need.
Moreover, with the implantation of this project, PXL-Tech building will suffer a positive change into a “greener” and more environmentally friendlier building.
The research for this project has been made following different steps. First of all the analysis of the electrical consumption and building’s physical characteristics has been made to know the resources that can be taken into account.
Then, the election of the solar panels and the rest of the components (inverters, cables etc) has been made with different softwares and different criteria in order to get a project as detailed as possible.
Finally the economic analysis will lead the reader to know if the installation is profitable or not, which is the most important thing when making an installation like this.
Also, for going deeper in the research, an analysis on the efficiency and an economic analysis for part of the installation of the use of solar trackers has been made.
Moreover, changing completely the topic of photovoltaics, certain ways for improving the heating system have been analised.

Full text:
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