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Reading - through space & time

Janssen, Janneke
Master of Arts in Visual Arts

Abstract :
Reading is like cycling, it needs a certain balance, order and direction. This article reviews the history and future of 'the book’ as medium. The structures of diverse religious books, other non-linear books and new media are reflected upon to design new interpretations of the book in a periodical of multiple parts.
This edition shows documentation that comprises different viewpoints on Mary devotion –expressed as a Virgin, Bride, Queen, Mother and Intercessor– its connection to religion and the role of women in society. The texts and image contributions handle diverse opinions on these themes of (non-)religious ordinary women and men, collected from mainly online and offline sources. The periodical is intended and can evolve further, as a platform where the participant –maker and reader– interacts and discuss social issues. My contribution to the (graphic)content is a personal research on- and interpretation of Mary devotion that took place in my surroundings, in tradition with the family heritage.
This publication aims to enlarge the interaction of the user with the content through several design parameters. They are set out in text-image relations and grid structures, which were of importance to design and shape the periodical in (typo)graphic macro and micro levels, based on non-linearity and navigation. By means of navigation, the research results in a renewed, interactive and interlinked construction of the book. Through a balance in reading and searching its content, placed in a hierarchical rotating system, an innovative book (design) emerged. The usage of multiple-indices on a page level gave the ability to show a dense overview of the content that brought the book together.

Full text:
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