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Title : Articulations of intangible things
Author :
Rankin, Emma
Abstract : The essence of my project has been to give a visual form to things that are intangible, such as time, memory, emotion and transience through drawing, photography and printmaking techniques all the while working with environmental factors such as sunlight, tactile materials and my hands as the main elements of manufacture. Through this, I have looked into the idea of a ‘void’, as something that is rooted in personal interpretation, and giving this both a physical manifestation through photography representing an element of reality, and also an artistic interpretation with inks and paper that also confronts the viewer of the work. I have worked with a large emphasis on environmental elements such as sunlight, stormy weather and its effects on both a personal and visual level. This has influenced most pieces of work I have made this year, and working with tactile materials such as charcoal, which can be affected by touch as it transfers, is something I was interested in experimenting with. I have also worked with the idea of time and how to document it through drawing. It is something I found to be extremely personal, as tracking finite time is different to documenting personal time - for example, taking a pulse on the wrist and making a mark to each heartbeat produces different results to making a mark to a clock ticking, although it is a similar reminder of mortality and transience. Therefore, through these thought and artistic processes, I was able to realise my intention.
Publisher : Hogeschool PXL
Publication date : 2015
Full text :
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Rankin.pdf 11 MB PDF MD5 Open file
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Type : Onderzoeksartikel
Language :
Rights : All rights reserved
Degree name : Master of Arts in de beeldende kunsten
Degree level : Master
Discipline : Vrije grafiek
Grantor of degree : Hogeschool PXL
Department : PXL-MAD
Awards :
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Created : 19/04/2016 10:30
Last modified : 30/05/2016 15:08
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Vrije kunsten
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