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Title : De queeste naar de echte ik. #Achterdeschermen
Author :
Pelka, Kelly
Abstract : Social network sites are all roses there. Everyone in possession of an online profile is doing solo-propaganda.Only the funny and thrilling part of life is shown. In the online world is a digital avatar made up, a better version of yourself playing a happy part on the Facebook-stage. But what is really going on in the backstage of this theatre? A chaotic search for the real self, where a part of the essence is touched each time, but never completely. Does the real self really exist? Images are challenged with images where inner conflicts try to be seen.
Publisher : Hogeschool PXL
Publication date : 2015
Full text :
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Pelka.pdf 43 MB PDF MD5 Open file
Appendices :
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Type : Onderzoeksartikel
Language :
Rights : All rights reserved
Degree name : Master of Arts in de beeldende kunsten
Degree level : Master
Discipline : Grafisch ontwerp - 360d
Grantor of degree : Hogeschool PXL
Department : PXL-MAD
Awards :
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Created : 19/04/2016 10:36
Last modified : 30/05/2016 15:35
Collections :
Grafisch ontwerp
Views : 1723
Downloads : 130

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