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Jewellery moment

Slowik, Janika
Master of Arts in Visual Arts

Abstract :
A glimpse into a childhood memory, when the world was as beautiful as it could ever be: while playing in the sea on a hot summer day. The sun is reflected on the surface of the water and makes the water splash-es around you glitter.
For me these little effects, that make the world more worth looking at, are jewellery moments. In this word combination, jewellery adds preciousness to the moment and moment makes the jewellery temporary.
Essential for the jewellery moment is light. Despite its habitual status in our life, it still has the power to fascinate us. It has a big impact on our emotions and defines how we experience the world around us.
In this research I translated the jewellery moment into pieces of jewellery. Each of the three variations rep-resents a different approach to the theme: The first one is to make someone see more jewellery moments on his own. The second represents a jewellery moment itself. The last is not only one, but also causes more jewellery moments to appear.

Full text:
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