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Red Team Automation

Dobihal, Lukas
Professionele bachelor in de toegepaste informatica

Abstract :
As organizations face increasingly advanced cyber-attacks, the need for extensive security testing has increased. While regular penetration testing on applications has become built into the development lifecycle, security testing a full organization is growing in popularity. These assessments, also called Red Team Assessments, simulate how a real attacker would attempt to hack an organization, using any means at his disposal.

Red team assessments require a group of experienced security individuals to spend a lot of time to covertly gain access to the organization, exploit vulnerabilities and move through the network to gain full control. In order to continuously test attack paths that a red team would use, a number of automated red team frameworks have been developed. These frameworks mimic tools and techniques used and give an organization the opportunity to test their defences on a day to day basis.

On a daily basis a red team assessment takes a long time to process. This research wants to assess whether this time can be reduced using automated tools. Furthermore, both methods are compared and the efficiency of such an automation is being researched. The advantages and disadvantages of both the automated assessment and the manual assessment are compared, as well as the pros and cons of the automated assessment. Finally, the results are tested on being efficient for the future.

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