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Integration of popular calendars

Samet, Sinan
Professionele bachelor in de toegepaste informatica

Abstract :
In this bachelor project Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar are implemented into the Otys Calendar feature. This helps to keep everything in one place and avoid the complex situation of having to use multiple calendar applications just to see if something is planned.

To integrate these calendars, CalDav is used. CalDav is a service that allows calendars to easily communicate with each other so they can be synchronised in an orderly way. Once one calendar has been made available for integration, it is easier to implement many of the other possible calendars.

Fortunately, Google Calendar is already preconfigured in CalDav synchroniser, but it is also possible to implement a custom calendar.

To integrate the Outlook Calendar, the new Microsoft Graph API is used with its many great features.

As for the research part, it is not necessary to make a large application in AngularJS, but rather in the new Angular instead. Large web applications made in Angular JS have the tendency to be less structured and slow. This causes employees to make progress in a much slower pace as everything is just rather hard to find in the AngularJS code. This is mostly because, AngularJS is not meant to contain such a large project. Instead, Angular 4 is the best option for large scale projects.

The research focuses on the migration of the whole project from AngularJS to Angular. With NgUpgrade it is possible to upgrade the project in a hybrid way. This way it is possible to gradually migrate to the new version component by component. The goal of the research is to describe both the best method to achieve a smooth migration as the pitfalls of this process. This is documented with a proof of concept in which one module is migrated from AngularJS to Angular.

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