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Phonotype. The visual identity of a language according to its phonology

Verbaenen, Walda
Master of Arts in Visual Arts

Abstract :
Different languages have different pronunciations and thus different identities.
One out of ten adults in Belgium has difficulties with reading or writing. Almost 20% of the refugees currently arriving in Belgium are illiterate. Our Western culture will develop more and more into a cultural mix.
Our Dutch/Flemisch language is characterised by different dual sounds, mainly in the vowels. This causes complex problems when trying to master the language. This research tries to offer a solution through Typedesign to overcome this problem. By making adjustments and additions within the visual structure of a font, language can develop a proper visual identity. This research tries to show a visual identity for the Dutch language according to its phonology, that is both functional and aesthetically new. In addition to the role typography can have to visualize the identity of our Dutch language, this project also wants to identify the supporting function that typography can offer, experimentally and functionally.

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