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Nostalgic Pavements

Fink, Anna Sophia
Master of Arts in de beeldende kunsten

Abstract :
Nostalgic Pavements is a travel in time, an investigation on the mellow intertwining of objects and memories. Inspired by the untold stories behind secretive ambassadors of lived past it is a journey through personal belongings and bearers of material culture objects that are most often surrounded by an invisible aura of loss and desire. The emotional and memorial value of these memory crutches is not captured in their function, material or shape, yet there are reasons for their special appreciation and ways to distillate and underline their preciousness to emphasize the value of the object and to communicate and capture a certain mood.
The result is an interplay between the past and today, between materials and reminiscence. As Nostalgic Pavements the resulting objects and pieces of jewellery tell in a quiet wordless language of bygone times. They invite their wearer and beholder to be immersed into their own past or catch a glimpse into another history.

Full text:
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